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Our story...

We are Kristen and Richie, two disaster relief workers who met on the west coast while working in wildfire recovery for northern California. After exchanging  numbers, we noticed we both had Massachusetts area codes. We soon became close friends and instantly started painting and playing music together.


On our first date together, we hiked at Mt. Lassen with easels, canvases, and paints. We found the best view, and sat and painted! First of many scenic views that we would paint...

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Everywhere we go, we always have paints and guitars on board. The artistic energy is contagious, and it continuously inspires us to  create.


After bouncing around up and down the west coast, and back and forth to the east coast, Richie and Kristen decided to start a space called "Sunset Studios Boston" where we work with other musicians and artists to play music and create art in the Boston Metro Area. Check out our upcoming music gigs and art markets on our home page, or request a booking for some music and art entertainment under our service bookings page!




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